Blockchain Using Python  

The detailed program helps you to learn Python, the interpreted and high-level programming language. Python is one of the most common languages nowadays. It is not only friendly for beginners, but it has also found applications in many different areas.

In this course, you’re going to learn a lot about the Blockchain’s core concepts and see how to use Python for the many aspects that make up a blockchain. This course is very prevalent because it is user-friendly, works on all operating systems, and allows you to build a variety of programs.

Module I

Introduction to Blockchain

Architecture of Blockchain

Python Setup

Building Python Environment

Executing Programs

Basic Syntax in Python and Designing Blockchain

Using Python


Application of Blockchain

Module II

Base Syntax

Basic Blockchain using List

Loops and Conditions

Validating the chain

Complex data structures

Store Blocks and Transactions

Functions and Strings

Calculate and Output Balances

Using the Standard Library

Create real Hashes and Proof of Work

Module III

Writing and Reading Files
Store and Load Blockchain
Handling Errors & Debugging
Efficient and Robust Blockchain
Object Oriented Programming
Enhance our Blockchain using Classes and Objects.
Implementation of Creating Wallets
Modules and Packages
Sign Transactions

Module IV

Handling HTTP requests and responses
Control Blockchain through Web UI
Broadcasting Blocks and Transactions
Connecting Different Nodes
(Different IP address)
Using Flask Adding Route
Adding path for chains, wallet, transactions, Mine
Validating Decentralized Blockchain
WhatsApp chat