Certified Ethereum Developer Level 2

The certification course is made up of extensive instruction and applied programs that aim to impart in-depth knowledge in Certified Ethereum Developer Level 2. Certified Ethereum expert is a level who has a basic understanding of Ethereum blockchain, transactions in Ethereum. This extensive training course primarily aims to enable developers to learn and transform them into dApp developers with basic web development tools and techniques.

This course helps you to comprehend Ethereum’s thorough understanding and how it is performed out in live projects. The main objective of the course will be the algorithmic workings of Ethereum. The course will analyze the Ethereum Theory, which concentrates on crypto-economics, tokens, and ICO’s.

Blockchain Architecture In-Depth Explanation





Public key cryptography



Secret key cryptography



RSA, DSA, ECDSA, etc….






Setting Up Your Own Full Node and Syncing it.













Create Your Own Wallet (Brief Explanation)



Blockchain Forks



Hard Fork



Soft Fork



Merkle Tree In-Depth:Ethereum Transaction.


Front-End Development (ReactJS with ReactHooks) & Interacting with Smart Contracts using Web3.js

Getting Started
    • Introduction to React


    • React vs other JS libraries


    • Real vs Virtual DOM


    SPA’s & React Web Apps
React Syntax and JSX (Todo List App)
    • Modules


    • JSX Basics


    • Understanding Components & its reusability


    • Understanding State and it’s usage (useState hook)


    • Stateless vs Stateful component


    • React Router & working with Props


    • Prop Drilling & Context API (useContext hook)


    • Event Handling (onChange, onClick)


    • Lifecycle methods (useEffect hook)


    • Form Validation


    • Conditional Rendering


    Working with Array (map, filter, find) & String
Working With Web3.JS
    • Initializing web3 in ReactJS


    • Connecting metamask to our react-app.


    • Reading the SmartContract data


    Writing data to SmartContract and sending transactions using web3.
Setting up IDE and Environment
    • Setting up Your Computer.


    • Installing VS Code.


    • Installing Node.js.


    Create-react-app CLI
Working With APIs (Recipe App)
    • Introduction to REST Api


    • Error Codes and it’s meaning (200, 400, 404, 500, etc.)


    Axios library to get & post HTTP requests
Styling React Components
    • Inline CSS


    • External CSS


    Using UI libraries like Bootstrap & Ant Design




Decentralized Kickstarter.






Money Markets.



Blockchain Bank.


WhatsApp chat