With an exhaustive training and examination-based curriculum, the course helps you to get an understanding of Javascript, the high-level programming. JavaScript is one of the web’s most common and versatile languages for programming.

JavaScript is a programming language that can be included on web pages to make them more interactive. After learning the basics of JavaScript, one can apply their knowledge to build games, interactive websites, or web applications with React.

Setting up IDE and Environment
    Setting up Your Computer.
    Installing VS Code.
    Installing Node.js.
    Getting familiar with the console.
Classes & Objects
    What is a class
    Objects and Properties
    Object Literals
    Objects and Methods
    Prototypal Inheritance
JavaScript Versions: ES5, ES6 / ES2015 and ES6+
    ‘every’ and ‘some’
    template strings
    arrow functions
    Destructuring Arguments Object
    Destructuring Arrays
    Destructuring Arrays and Objects *At the Same Time*
    Spread & Rest operators
    Export & Import Modules
Asynchronous JavaScript
    Intro to Asynchronous JavaScript
    HTTP Requests in JavaScript
    HTTP Headers and Errors
    Asynchronous vs. Synchronous
    CDN’s (content-delivery-networks)
    Promises & Chaining
    Axios library
JavaScript Language Basics
    Variables (var,const,let) and Data Types
    Variable Mutation and Type Coercion
    Default Values
    Basic Operators
    Operator Precedence and Associativity
    Type Conversion
    Numbers & The Math Object
    Number Methods
    Math methods
    Dates & Times and respective functions
    If / else Statements
    Nested If/else structure
    Boolean Logic
    The Ternary Operator and Switch Statements
    Truthy and Falsy Values and Equality Operators
    Function Statements and Expressions
    Arrays & Array Methods
    Strings and string Methods
    Loops and Iteration
    JSON(Javascript Object Notation)

Local Storage (get-item,set-item)



Moment JS and other useful Date libraries.


Strict Mode


Error handling in JS.


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